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Wisdom Teeth and Summer ! 5 items to know about them

June, 2015 Wisdom teeth! School and college are out, and your dentist tells you to “get your wisdom teeth looked at”…… Great! As a Harvard-trained and Board certified Oral Surgeon, I certainly don’t tell folks that wisdom teeth need to be removed just because they’re there! I treat my patients in the same way that […]

“Doc, will the tooth be hard to pull?”

April 25, 2014 MANY of my patients ask me questions before I treat them which show that they’ve had some pretty negative experiences in the past. My “job” is to have you feel that “Gee, that wasn’t so bad after all” when we’re finished. Usually, my patient tells me about a well-intended Dentist who tried […]

Welcome to Dr. Levy’s Helpful Info “Blog”

April, 2014 I’m pleased that we have the chance to chat. After 25-plus years in my specialty, there are questions which many of my patients have. I may be able to help you with some FAQs which you find useful. Since finishing my surgical residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital, I’ve served the people of […]