June, 2015

Wisdom teeth! School and college are out, and your dentist tells you to “get your wisdom teeth looked at”…… Great!

As a Harvard-trained and Board certified Oral Surgeon, I certainly don’t tell folks that wisdom teeth need to be removed just because they’re there! I treat my patients in the same way that I’ve treated my family for a long time. So:

Points which are important, and which I discuss with you at our initial Consultation meeting:

1- Some wisdom teeth simply don’t need to be removed. They’re so deep that the chances of infection are very small.

2- Wisdom teeth DO frequently become infected, however. That can become serious. Wisdom tooth infections can enter the throat and neck.

3- Wisdom teeth develop right near the nerves in your lower jaw, and near  your upper jaw sinuses. An Oral Surgeon should deal with these. Oral Surgeons have the training and skill to delicately treat quite challenging teeth. We also have the advanced training and experience to  provide General Anesthesia for you, if that’s your wish.

4- Checking them before you’re 20 years old is sensible.  Wisdom teeth can become much “harder” or more challenging as you age.

5- Wisdom teeth DO NOT cause your front teeth to crowd. Multiple studies confirm this . Studies do show that wisdom teeth CAN add to back-tooth crowding and movement.

Well, that’s five wisdom tooth factoids which you probably didn’t know. Be assured that we’ll treat you like family. Most of my patients elect General Anesthesia after we’ve spoken. That will be your choice, with my assistance.  See you/ your child this summer!

Dr. Levy