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Central New Hampshire Oral Surgery | Concord


After many years of serving our community, our office has closed. If you need to contact us or obtain a copy of your x-ray please send your request either to [email protected] or by mail to Central NH Oral Surgery, PA, 187 North State St., Concord, NH 03301. Thank you.

You, or your family member, is probably anxious about having oral surgery. The skilled members of CNHOS, P.A. are here to make your experience with us as positive as they possibly can. When you’ve had a good experience at our office, it’s because we have a great and experienced team to help you and to assist “the Doc”. How good can a football Quarterback be without great people at other positions to help him out?

Many of our patients return years after their last experience with us and notice that our staff at CNHOS, PA hasn’t changed. OUR STAFF HAVE BEEN WITH US FOR AN AVERAGE OF 14 YEARS. They’re professionals who are here to help you. They receive on-going Continuing Education to stay on top of their calling. Our team works well together, and we like each other. That feeling directly helps you with the care which we provide each day.

Dr. Levy is grateful to have such a skilled and professional staff to assist our patients. Our compassionate Surgical Assistants reflect our commitment to quality patient care. In addition, our talented business office staff is knowledgeable about ever more complex insurance rules. They’re well-trained to utilize every legitimate insurance contribution and other resources to assist you with your surgical expense.

From the front office staff who offer a friendly “Good morning!” to the surgical assistants who ask whether you have any further questions as you’re leaving our care, here’s our caring team:

Tina: From getting you a prompt appointment, to helping you to collect the medical info which Dr. Levy needs to help you, Tina is a “multi-tasking master”.

Laura: One of the Doctor’s skilled Oral Surgical Assistants. She is a CDA and holds the Specialty’s Anesthesia Assisting certificate. Laura’s experience in a variety of Dental fields is a daily benefit to our patients.

Trisha: Another highly skilled Oral Surgical Assistant, her attention to detail is just what you’d want in someone co-responsible for you. She too has achieved the Anesthesia Assisting certificate by examination.

Margaret: our fantastically skilled Dental/ Medical Insurance Specialist. She does her best to get you the optimal benefits which your Insurance says it offers. You may know from experience that getting these companies to honor their agreement to you frequently requires perseverance as well as education and skill!

Lynda: Office Coordinator and our software specialist. Lynda manages all the bookkeeping work which the Doctor “hates” but, which is SO important to smoothly getting your insurance and other information promptly and securely processed.

Medical Transcriptionists: They turn Dr. Levy’s notes into easy to read medical records.

Need Information? Call us at Central New Hampshire Oral Surgery Phone Number 603-228-9050