Frequently Asked Questions about Central New Hampshire Oral Surgery

After many years of serving our community, our office has closed. If you need to contact us or obtain a copy of your x-ray please send your request either to [email protected] or by mail to Central NH Oral Surgery, PA, 187 North State St., Concord, NH 03301. Thank you.

We regularly get questions from our patients on a variety of different subjects. Here are our most commonly asked questions with answers from Dr. Levy:

Q: I’m REALLY, REALLY scared about this. But I’m in awful pain. I’ve avoided the dentist for years. What can Dr. Levy do to help me?

A: Dr. Levy cares about getting you through this experience as comfortably as possible. His career inpatient care has deeply impressed him with the fear which people bring to their encounters with dentists and oral surgeons. You may have had a bad experience previously, OR you’ve heard stories from friends or family about feeling poorly treated when they had teeth removed. Through listening to you, and applying his extensive training and experience, Dr. Levy and his staff work to earn your “Gee, that wasn’t so bad after all!”.

Q: Can I be asleep for my procedure? What if I’d rather be awake?

A: One size DOESN’T fit everyone! Some of our patients insist on General Anesthesia. Dr. Levy certainly has the training to help you. General anesthesia or deep sedation is a blessing for many. Please note that “going to sleep” always requires some extra steps for your safety. We can usually accommodate you at our office Surgicenter. If needed, Dr. Levy treats some patients at the Catholic Medical Center, usually as day surgery patients. Or, if desired, you can be awake and just have “novocaine” and perhaps with something to make you more relaxed. We’ll decide together what will work best for you.

Q: Why should I have Dr. Levy remove my teeth, instead of the “dentist down the road”?

A: Experience really does count in Oral Surgery. So does the training to offer options to fit your needs, such as General Anesthesia care. Because Oral Surgery is, well, surgery! We treat, almost daily, patients who are scared due to what they feel was a previous negative experience. We’re devoted to working to make THIS TIME come out nicer, from your POV.

Q: When I called for an appointment, your office staff said that I might need a Consultation visit first. Why is that?

A: Dr. Levy values the time you took for the appointment. If you’re healthy and simply need to have a tooth removed under novocaine, we can usually do that in one visit. However, Oral Surgery frequently requires a medical assessment and a pre-treatment study. This is especially true if you are having General Anesthesia and/or wisdom teeth or multiple teeth extracted.

Q: Does your office have a payment plan for my portion of the fee?

A: Yes. We offer Care Credit. We also accept all major credit cards. For more information, be sure to read our Financial Policy page.