Dental Implants Concord NH

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are changing the way people live by improving smiles and chewing ability. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved. In addition, implants also help to prevent the bone shrinkage that occurs when teeth are missing.

What are Dental Implants?

The implants themselves are tiny posts (usually made of the metal titanium, as is often used in orthopedic surgery) that are surgically inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These dental implants are tooth root substitutes. The bone bonds with the implants creating a strong foundation for dental crowns or caps. These posts provide a foundation for your new replacement dental caps (crowns) made by your family implants

The Dental Implant Placement Procedure

For many of Dr. Levy’s patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. First, implants are placed within your jawbone. They will bond with your jawbone over the next three to six months. You can wear temporary tooth replacements during this time of healing.

Smiling womanAfter the implant has bonded to the jawbone, the second phase begins. We will see you to uncover the implant. This is a quick procedure to place a healing cap on the implant. After a brief period of healing, you can visit your family dentist so he/she can fabricate the tooth crowns that will complete the process. The entire procedure usually takes six months or less. Most patients experience minimal disruption in their daily life, and are very happy to have an improved bite and smile.

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