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About Tooth Removal

You have a tooth or teeth which need to be removed. Most of our patients are anywhere from a little anxious to terrified. We understand; Dr. Levy has the training, experience, and empathy to help you.

Dr. Levy is very aware that you or a friend may have had a bad experience with an extraction done elsewhere. He appreciates hearing your concerns, prior to surgery, so that he can know how best to help you.

Many teeth can be removed with novocaine. Dr. Levy had two wisdom teeth removed with novocaine so he knows what it feels like for this procedure. If you choose novocaine, Dr. Levy will make sure you are comfortable during the surgery.

Many of our patients, of course, prefer to be asleep or to receive Anesthesia Care. You guessed it; Dr. Levy had the two other wisdom teeth removed with Anesthesia. He felt that if he was going to advise you about something like this, it was a good idea to know just how it feels!

After your tooth has been removed, we’ll go over homecare instructions and give you a printed copy . These instructions help you to heal as rapidly as possible. Also, Dr. Levy will prescribe medications for discomfort, should you need it, and antibiotics.

Rest assured, awake or asleep, Dr. Levy and our surgical staff are very experienced and will care for you as if you were family. We have illustrated this caring for over two decades and are pleased to see many return patients, their children and even grandchildren referred to our office.

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