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About Anesthesia And IV Sedation

Many of our patients are very anxious about having oral surgery. You are definitely not alone. After talking with Dr. Levy at your consultation, both of you will decide which anesthesia option might benefit you. These options range from “novocaine”, possibly with nitrous oxide (“laughing gas” ), to general anesthesia. Dr. Levy will review the pros and cons of each at your consultation.

Anesthesia or IV sedation are wonderful techniques that have benefited millions of people who avoid badly needed surgery unless they can be asleep. Some patients have such a fear of dentistry and oral surgery that they can ONLY be helped using Anesthesia Care. Dr. Levy and his experienced staff are sensitive to this very real fear of oral surgical procedures   As a small history fact: anesthesia was first demonstrated in the 1840s by a dentist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, which is also where Dr. Levy did his oral surgery and anesthesia training.

Dr. Levy has more than two decades of experience in providing anesthesia care. It is available to you, if you and the Doctor agree that it will help you. This is usually decided at a consultation visit where Dr. Levy will review your medical history and examine you, just as a hospital-based anesthesia provider would do.

In the “old days”, patients would get instructions by phone and got “knocked out” when they came in for an extraction. All modern-trained oral surgeons consider this unwise, with rare exceptions. A careful evaluation is needed if Anesthesia will be used.

Dr. Levy is Board Certified in Oral Surgery. He is also a Fellow in the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology. These honors are given based on experience and successful completion of very difficult examinations.

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