Root Canal Repair Surgery (Apicoectomy) Concord NH

Why Would I Need Root Canal Repair Surgery?

Dr. Levy may be asked by your Dentist to seek to save your damaged tooth with an apicoectomy: a root-tip removal and silver filling surgery. He uses magnified vision for this very small surgical area to obtain the best result. Dr. Levy has extensive experience in saving teeth with root canals that have become re-infected and would otherwise require extraction. The infection frequently damages the surrounding bone and must be cleaned out to save your tooth.

What Is An Apicoectomy or Root Repair Surgery?

An incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the roots and the surrounding infected tissue. (Dr. Levy places the incision to maintain the cosmetics of your smile-line.) The damaged root tip and infected tissue are delicately removed. A root-tip filling is placed to seal the end of the root and sutures are placed in the gum. The bone will heal naturally around the root once the infection is removed. The desired result is to return your tooth to comfort and full function.

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